New Digs

We’ve been in our new house for just over a week now and I have some thoughts.

1. Having a basement is just as awesome as I had made it out to be in my mind. When the kids get rowdy or the in-fighting reaches fever pitch because we’re all stuck inside (because it snowed/is freezing AGAIN), I banish them to the lower level to run it out. When the screeching/screaming escalates, I simply close the door and everything is magically muffled.

Also, we had the movers put every single one of our moving boxes and bins down there so we could unpack at our leisure instead of being buried by cardboard in every room right out of the gate. This turned out to be a great plan but I imagine the moving guys were seriously bummed when they pulled up to our one-story house and then we broke the news that they were going to have to cart everything one floor down.

2. At some point, we are totally going to hit a deer with our car(s). It is inevitable. They kind of just… hang out everywhere – right outside of our windows, at the bus stop in the morning, meandering across the roads all casual-like even though you should really pick up the pace there little buddy because that propane truck is barreling around the corner. It would be cute if it didn’t feel a little like they were loitering. Also, the kids spied a dead deer on the side of the road and the scene involved vultures and oh my goodness, there were some Circle of Life conversations after that one.

It appears I’m a little high strung about the wild animals because Bob, right before he left town for a few days, told me he spotted a coyote walking across the back field. When I expressed incredulousness he said they just look like “big dogs.” I’ve never seen a coyote because I’m not from Alaska (That’s where coyotes are from, right? I’m guessing here.). So, when a husky-ish looking “big dog” meandered onto our front porch yesterday morning, I promptly passed out. Then, I noticed the collar around its neck (name tag and all) and felt like an idiot. I still don’t know what a coyote looks like. There are also wild turkeys out here along with foxes and some aggressive crows that will not leave our garbage alone, making them the squirrels of the bird family.

I want our entire spring to be spent exactly like this - outdoors.

3. We spent a good portion of our time last week outside enjoying the scenery and mild(er) weather. For reasons I find very confusing, everyone ended up with splinters in their hands/fingers. Henry got a couple of splinters from a fence and Charlie said his splinter came from “the ground.” Anyway, I am becoming excellent at splinter removal since Google tells me that splinters can lead to infection, gangrene and then amputation. So, apparently, out they must come. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I have the technique and precision of a Civil War battlefield surgeon. After dealing with Henry’s uncooperativeness over the sewing needle I had to use, I just simply dug Charlie’s out with a pair of Tweezers. Sometimes, you just have to get it done.

4. I have never understood why people on House Hunters always lament when a kitchen in a house they are considering buying is sans center island. Now, I understand their plight. I’ve never had a kitchen island before but I do now and I am surprised by how much I love it. There are no upper cabinets in the way, plenty of light and you can walk all the way around it as you grab things from the pantry and the refrigerator and every other direction, throwing together meals and packing lunch boxes. You’ve probably already discovered the joy of the kitchen island but let me have my moment here.

And, about that kitchen. I’m cleaning our new one with a determination and detail that surprises even me. We found evidence of mice in the pantry and since Bob reacted negatively when I suggested that we sell and move to a house without mice, my only option was to clear and clean the entire space. Drawers have been removed, nooks and crannies have been vacuumed, the dreaded under-sink cabinet has been cleared (it is always the WORST). I come from a long line of people that have been known to break out the Q-tips on cleaning day so I really feel like I’m honoring the obsessiveness found in my family tree with this move. However, cleaning this way takes a LONG time so I still haven’t cooked a proper meal since we moved in. But, the stove is next.

5. Henry’s transition to his new school could not have gone better. I find myself repeatedly underestimating the strength and grit of my children. He has made new friends and joined new clubs and it is all just going swimmingly. Charlie and Millie are also getting settled and seem happy to explore their new surroundings. It helps that we bought Charlie a Gator sized just for him. It is so, so slow which makes watching him from the windows as he circumnavigates the house absolutely hilarious. It’s like slow-motion. There is no way he could outrun a coyote in that thing.


I still can’t believe we’re on the other side of the move. We worked so hard for months to make the transition happen and I am eternally grateful that it all came together.