Bucket List

Millie keeps a bucket list taped to the wall of her room. She’s eight. It’s a delightful and, frankly, pretty inspirational list.


  • Start girl singers.
  • Make my wall made of beads.
  • Get 100 American Girl dolls and get bunk beds for them.
  • Eat five candy bars
  • Watch all of the (?) movies.
  • Chew 500,00 pieces of gum. At the same time

The back has a list of accomplishments she’d like to achieve and all that’s written is, “get a lot of medals.”

My bucket list lately isn’t nearly as aspirational as Millie’s list. It mostly includes things like, “get three kids off to school each and every unending morning without taking the Lord’s name in vain before 8:00 am.” Or, “survive February.”

I think it’s time to think bigger. 2020 is our year. This is our decade. Let’s make stuff happen. We can do this.

Millie will bring the candy bars.


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