What I Read Instead

At some point last year, I said to myself, “I should really log off Facebook and, like, read a book or something.”

So, I did. I read some books. And, I am here with recommendations.

Ready? Here we go!

Read this book if you want to read something with interestingly drawn characters and an ending that you don’t want to be an ending and also if you’d like to read anything from my list of recommendations that was popular within the past 18 months so you appear current and relevant and like those super smart friends you know who have Goodreads accounts:

Read this if you buy books based on how cute their covers are but actually really want to read THE MOST charming story because this is it and you will probably not read another book that is so lovely and surprising and one that makes you wish there was a sequel:

Read this if you’d like to go in the way back time machine to when Oprah was telling us what we should read and also if you want your worst parenting nightmare to be described in haunting detail:

Read this if you want to remember how quaint and inconsequential all of our problems were back in 2011:

Read this if you want to feel WAY, WAY better about your own parenting skills but also, I have some serious questions about the stories in this book and how one can remember actual dialogue and super specific details from when they were three years old and I’m kind of making a face when I think about this book so maybe we should discuss further:

Read this if you want to know how much of the Native American narrative was excluded from history class and if you want confirmation that everything Kevin Costner was trying to tell us in “Dances with Wolves” was true but also do not read this before bed as it is not a sleepy-time book because you really need some active brain cells to get through it but it is SO INTERESTING OMG READ IT AND REPORT BACK:

The actual title of this list of recommendations should be “What I Read (Or Listened To) Instead” but that seemed rather clunky.

BUT, I have MORE recommendations for you but they are not books, they are podcasts which are really just like books when you think about it but don’t think too hard about it because that isn’t really true but sometimes podcasts are all we have time for because life is very, very busy lately and listening to podcasts is all we can make time for while we work and fold laundry and do dishes and cook dinner and drive people places we don’t actually want to be.

These are my latest favorites and most of these were recommended to me and I now I am recommending them to you.

Listen to this if you want an interesting podcast with rotating topics that are always relevant and somehow never stale (I specifically recommend the episode pictured below):

Listen to this if you want to cry and laugh at the same time, every time (one of my all-time Moth story favorites can be found here):


Listen to this if you want to be ENRAGED at how multi-level marketing schemes target (mostly) women who are already in financially precarious positions, furthering their cash flow problems and leading them into deeper and deeper debt:

Listen to this if you’ve been thinking about doing one of those online genetic tests to find out where you’re from and who your distant relatives are (SPOILER ALERT DON’T DO IT SOMETIMES IT’S BETTER NOT TO KNOW TRUST ME):

Listen to this if you want to feel absolutely, unequivocally DEFEATED over how we treat  women and girls who are brave enough to come forward with stories of sexual assault:

Listen to this if you want to learn more about the people, places, culture, and experiences very different than your own that all merge together to make up the rich tapestry of this country leading to a deeper empathy for the lives and journeys of others (seriously):


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