There’s a Fine Line Between Salmon and Pink

We started painting Millie’s bedroom over Memorial Day weekend and finally finished sometime in July. Watching Bob and I DIY is basically like watching lightening. If you blink, you’ll miss it. We’re that fast. But, whatever, because IT’S DONE NOW.


I picked Millie’s wall color during a panicked moment of indecision at our local Benjamin Moore store. The color I had originally selected, and had headed to the store to purchase, was something soft and safe but when I spotted their display of Williamsburg colors, I kind of fell in love with “Custis Salmon.” The salmon color was a split second decision and there was pretty much no changing my mind because a gallon of the paint cost $75.00. I had no idea paint had gotten so expensive. Which, I was reminded of again when I had to return to buy a second gallon to finish the room.

(Side note in case you are getting ready to paint something: I have used two types of paint now from Benjamin Moore. In Millie’s room, I went for their top-of-the-line Aura paint. I didn’t care for it. I don’t really know anything about painting but I found the coverage was almost too thick and goopy. When we painted our great room, I was focused on price and went one step down in their line, using their Regal Select which was easy to use, offered great coverage and was many fewer dollars. Two thumbs up!)

Anyway, I got really, really nervous when we started rolling the walls and everything seemed not so much salmon as bright pink. Everyone on Facebook was quick to assure me that it wouldn’t seem so pink once I had curtains hanging on the windows, artwork on the walls and furniture back in place. I will admit now that I think the color does look rather lovely and coral-y during the daytime but when the room is illuminated at night, I don’t know. I can’t help but think it resembles what I imagine the inside of a pancreas looks like. It’s still very, very pink. But, it has grown on me and the color works really well with the ivory trim, which we are definitely not prepared to repaint white for a long time to come.


Millie’s room is pretty tiny and has to double as our guest room so the bulk of her space is dedicated to a queen-sized bed. She has a great double closet though and there’s room for a bookshelf and dresser for added storage. Both Bob and my mom think I should ditch her dresser for something more modern but the dresser was mine when I was a young girl so I have this weird nostalgia for it. I was thinking of changing the hardware and painting it white but I think we all know that I’ll never actually get around to doing that so it remains as-is for now.


Millie has three big windows in her room so I wanted to keep the window coverings pretty light and breezy, especially after the room turned out so pink. I found some cute fringed curtains at Target (of course). I’m pretty sure at some point I will be filled with deep regret for hanging all-white curtains in a 3-year-old’s room but for now, I really like them.


Above Millie’s bookcase, I hung some of the pieces I had originally selected for her bedroom in Richmond but which we never got around to hanging because we decided to move. Richmond has the BEST antique, thrift and consignment stores. Whenever we go back to visit friends, I always make stops to visit my favorite shops. It’s nice that these pictures and mirror have finally found a permanent spot.


Millie’s bookcase holds all of my favorite books from when I was a young reader plus a lot of her favorites, too. I hope she loves Anne of Green Gables as much as I did. Also, this bookshelf will never, ever look this neat ever again. It is impossible to keep a kid’s bookshelf organized and I kind of think that’s okay. That’s the point of books – to dive in.


It will come as no surprise to my parents that, when it came time to find some much-needed new bedding for Millie’s room, I chose the duvet cover with horses on it. When Millie is a championship-winning horsewoman, I hope she points to this bedding as her inspiration. (And, also, the twelve Breyer horses I have purchased for her that she refuses to play with because Millie doesn’t care about my unfulfilled dreams apparently.)

The four prints above her bed were a Pottery Barn Kids find and are hung with upholstery tacks because: LAZY.

I’m going to place Millie’s room in the “Done” category. I might bend to peer pressure and swap out the dresser for a different piece in the future but I’m not sure. And, sometime soon, we’re going to need to figure out a Stuffed Animal and Small Purse Storage Solution but for now, I’m considering this space good enough.

One room down! So many rooms to go…

Edited to add: this is how her room looks approximately five minutes later. 


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