The Best Move

I’m fairly certain that spring will forevermore be a harbinger of emotional anniversaries for our family. It’s hard to imagine a time when I won’t associate warmer, longer days with the sad, scary events of last year. But, spring is also the time of year when our family took a huge leap of faith, when we shuffled our lives around once again in search of the ideal spot for the five of us to flourish.

Last week marked the one year anniversary of our move away from Richmond, back to Northern Virginia. With the death of Bob’s father less than two weeks after our arrival here and Bob’s stroke only two months after that, the memories of those awful events get all tangled up and intertwined with my memories of our initial time in this house. It’s hard to recall the joy and the excitement of our relocation since it is impossible to extricate it from such tragic circumstances.

However, as the weather warms a little more each day, as the windows get cracked, the thermostat dialed down, as the light shines later and winter retreats, I am once again completely enamored by our home. There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel incredibly blessed and grateful that we were brought to this exact spot, even if the events that immediately followed were so very difficult.


We still haven’t painted more than one room. We still haven’t hung any curtains. We still haven’t organized our closets. We still haven’t unpacked the last of the moving boxes. We still haven’t figured out what that one thing that’s beeping on the furnace means.

What we have done is settle in. We’ve made some amazing new friends. We’ve discovered a school community of caring, committed families. We’ve found the warm fellowship of a church home. We’ve hiked, we’ve biked, we’ve fished, we’ve spent so much time out of doors. We’ve huddled by the fire and absorbed the scenery. We’ve appreciated every day, especially in light of all that has occurred over the past twelve months.

One year in, we still completely, wholeheartedly love it here.


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