February is Just the Absolute Worst

February is my least favorite month of all of the months. It’s kind of tongue-twisty to pronounce and it’s spelled with that weird little “r” and it’s always cold and gray and gloomy and the fun of the holidays are totally over but the promise of spring and warmth is too far away. Also, it’s cold. I kind of don’t like August for similar reasons (too hot) but at least August ends with school days looming and new office supplies.

This February is proving to be just as disdainful as years prior.


It was very cold when I took this picture because it’s February.

Bob left over Valentine’s Day weekend for New York to spend time with his family. It was a good weekend for him to go and he returned with chocolate so I can’t really fault him for leaving me with three kids during what is supposed to be such a romantic weekend. Also, this was the temperature the morning he left to travel home so it’s not like he escaped to Bora Bora without me.


Additional proof that February is just ridiculous.

Upon Bob’s return, the Washington area received about an inch of snow and then everything was closed for days. The kids logged six hours of school last week. That was it. School was closed again on Friday because it was cold outside. It was closed for cold. But classes are held inside, presumably where it’s warmer, so, whatever. That seems like some fuzzy math to me.

I actually don’t mind the occasional snow day but when you have so much absence, it just throws everyone off schedule in dramatic fashion. It gets a little Lord of the Flies around here since you have the free time of summer but the inability to go outside because it’s February instead. Everyone is trapped. At one point last week, I found the kids measuring items around the house with tape measures and I was impressed with their initiative and eagerness to learn math until I realized they were just measuring things so they could snap the tape measure back in place quickly in a race to see who took their own eye out first. In summary, routine is king.

And, because February is not done yet, this past weekend, we received a lot of snow. I watched it fall from the confines of my bed where I fought off some terrible stomach indignation for two days. It was awful. Just… really bad. I couldn’t sit up at all until yesterday afternoon.

Saltines and Gatorade. Suck it, February.

Saltines and Gatorade. Suck it, February.

I’m feeling marginally better today. Enough to get the kids off to school after a two-hour delay, although I can’t guarantee the quality of the contents of their lunch boxes. I’m still kind of hazy in the head. Also, I’m not sleeping well because I anticipate that this illness will make its way through the other members of the family with speed so I slept with one eye open last night listening for the Cough of Doom that signals a barfing kid. Henry wandered into our room at 4:15 this morning and I flew straight up out of bed and yelled with alarm, “ARE YOU GOING TO THROW UP?” I’m a bit on edge. Thanks a lot, February.

Only five more days until February gives way to March. Five more days. A lot more things could go wrong in five days.

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