House of… Maybe You Should Space That Out a Little, Lady.

I’m back! London was lovely. As was Edinburgh. There were many old things. There was really delicious food. There were frequent drinks. There was so much laughing. There was an abundance of facial hair. Especially, in Scotland. Like, really, really impressive beards. Beards are trendy there as they are increasingly here. I wanted to take a picture of some of our bartenders with beards but I was too chicken because I get the impression that men with that much facial hair don’t tolerate souvenir photograph requests. Even though that would make a great Pinterest board.

Still, besides all of the beards, there was a lot of this to see:


And, this:

IMG_4497And, a little of this:


We toured a palace AND a castle on Saturday. Because, they were only a mile apart. Something, I get the distinct impression, only happens outside of America, where the history runs a little deeper. I love history. And, I especially love old houses. So, it was amazing to be standing in buildings with 1,000 years worth of stories behind their walls.

Edinburgh Castle is the site of one of only several remaining time guns in the world. It is fired at 1:00 p.m. virtually every day of the year. In the past, it was fired to mark the time of day for ships in the port nearby. Nowadays, it is fired to mostly amuse tourists. Because my friend’s husband Knows People, we stood a few feet behind this thing as the shell went blammo. It was awesome and hilarious and very, very loud.


Sunday evening, after our return from Scotland, my friends introduced me to House of Cards on Netflix. Perhaps you have seen this series? I hadn’t because we don’t stream anything on Netflix. (Actually, we have such slow internet out here that we don’t stream much of anything at all.) I was hooked on House of Cards about five minutes into the first episode. There are thirteen episodes to a season and I made it through, I think, eight of the episodes between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon. I felt a bit guilty hunkering down in front of a television while on vacation in LONDON but it was MY vacation and you can’t tell me what to see or do.

I headed to Heathrow on Wednesday morning, bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t been able to squeeze in the last couple of episodes of season one before my departure and calculating in my head if I had enough time to order Netflix and watch all of season two before season three premieres in February and I just had so many questions about Frank and Zoe and Claire and I really like that editor guy, Tom. It was going to be a tough wait until my next viewing. And then, would you believe it? I got settled in my seat on the plane, turned on the in-flight entertainment screen and right before my very eyes, like a bright red envelope delivered right to your mailbox, British Airways had made available the entire season two of House of Cards on a screen about six inches away from my face.

I had approximately eight hours of flying time to watch thirteen 50-minute episodes. It was going to take dedication, possible dehydration and probable ruined eyesight but I was going to give this a go, people. There was a moment in the first episode of season two that involves a central character and a Metro train and I gasped so loudly that PEOPLE TURNED AND STARED. I had to cover my mouth with my hand. I was not deterred. I kept going, not even letting the credits roll on one episode before stopping it and pushing play on a new episode. I was committed, is what I’m trying to say.

In hindsight, watching eight straight hours of House of Cards was possibly not my best idea ever. House of Cards is… intense. So, it should come as no surprise that, when a woman tried to encourage her two friends to cut in line, right in front of me, in the border control queue at Dulles, I went all Frank Underwood on them. There was definitely a slight southern drawl to my tone as I dressed down their effort to circumvent the 100 or so people standing in line behind me. Because, Francis would not tolerate that kind of behavior. And, neither will I.

I didn’t make it through all of season two but I came really close to my goal. I’m thinking I should take a break though since every time my kids do or say something ridiculous I keep looking around for a camera in which to roll my eyes. Yes, a break from House of Cards is definitely warranted.


Henry’s class had worked on a Flat Stanley project when they were studying maps and geography so I had his teacher mail a Flat Stanley to my friends in London. While we forgot to take Flat Stanley to Scotland, we did remember to grab him a couple of times on our way out the door, once back in London. Unfortunately, it was always at night. So, while we have pictures of Flat Stanley cavorting in front of several amazing London monuments, they are poorly lit and look more like Flat Stanley’s Pub Crawl Tour. I’m sending them to school regardless.


I truly had the most wonderful time. My friends were so gracious and generous and hospitable and hilarious and provided me with a wonderful respite from what was a very difficult 2014. I am so grateful and so thankful for them. I’m also thankful for Bob, who totally held down our own castle while I was gone. He did an admirable job under trying circumstances since there was a wide variety of school delays and closings and holidays to contend with. The kids were all alive and clean and dressed when they picked me up at the airport. It’s good to be home.

So, do you guys want to maybe talk about House of Cards? Just let me know.

2 thoughts on “House of… Maybe You Should Space That Out a Little, Lady.

  1. I’m so glad you had an amazing time!

    I couldn’t watch HoC – I don’t love Kevin Spacey (I don’t hate him but … meh) but the WORST was him talking to the audience. NOPE. Breaking the third wall is not for me.

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