All in the Family

Forty-seven years ago, a man and a woman got married. That man and that woman went on to have four children: Julie, Jon, Janet and Joanna.

(Picture taken by Henry)

(Yes, our names all begin with a “J.”  Twas a 70s thing, right?)

(Also, it should be noted that their youngest child is their favorite.)

(I’m their youngest. It’s me. I’m their favorite.)

Then, those four children each went and got married.

(Picture by Charlie)

Eventually, those four children and their four spouses went on to have a combined FOURTEEN children of their very own. Isn’t that math amazing? From what was once only two, now there are fourteen.

(I think I remember taking this photo.)

(Did you count them all? Well, you’ll notice only thirteen grandchildren are shown. One is away at college.)

My family came together over the Labor Day weekend to celebrate my parents, who each had a big birthday this year. Our get together happened to also coincide with their 47th wedding anniversary. We attempted to keep the party a surprise but my mom was pretty suspicious when she found out we were only going to be visiting for three days.

It was a whirlwind three days, for sure, but well worth the drive since the last time my siblings and I were all in the same place together was back around this time in 2008. SIX YEARS AGO! There are so many of us now and so many different schedules to coordinate and big responsibilities to manage that getting together is a challenge. (We started planning this family reunion back at the beginning of the year.)

But, it certainly didn’t feel like six years since we had all been together. The same thing, that same underlying DNA, that same common denominator, that makes us clash sometimes is also what makes us click all of the time. We have a lot of fun when we get together. We know how to laugh. A lot. And how to be silly. And how to talk about Big Things. And how to celebrate little things.

The whole weekend was a tremendous amount of fun and I was delighted to be a part of it. Even if family reunions look a lot like this these days:

We are always with the phones.

We are always with the phones.

You should also note that my brother labeled his Solo cup, “The Cool One.” As long as I’m still the favorite, I’ll give him that.

3 thoughts on “All in the Family

  1. Would love to know the rest of the labels on the cups, that had to be good for several laughs! This entire post made me smile. I love your family!

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