And, They’re Off!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? The upward shift in momentum? Are your friends and neighbors in high spirits? Is your Facebook feed clogged with pictures of other people’s kids wearing backpacks? Yes? Well, for good reason because it’s the first day of school! HOORAY!


Portrait of a Young Man as a third grader. A very, very tall third grader.


Portrait of a Young Man as a kindergartner. A slightly nervous kindergartner but one who could be swayed towards excitement since he gets to use his camouflage lunchbox and ride a bus. So, this could work out alright. (Also, popped collar because FIRST DAY!)


Portrait of a two-year-old who is going to be extremely disappointed to discover that she’s not actually going to school.

This morning, Henry started third grade and Charlie started kindergarten. I awoke extra early so I would have an appropriate amount of time to fret about my middle child beginning his academic career. Charlie has never been… enthusiastic about school. He is our kid that loves to be at home, can fill a day with imaginative play and thrives on exploring outside. We’re bracing for when the initial excitement wears off and he realizes he has to attend EVERY SINGLE DAY. Such a drag.

I’m sure it will all be just fine as these things tend to go. I don’t think anyone can accuse Kindergarten curriculum of being especially rigorous or anything. But, I hope this year brings Charlie comfort in the classroom, some new friends and a better understanding of how to function well with others in a group. Mostly, I wish for a love of learning to be awakened in Charlie. We caught a glimpse of his brain making leaps and bounds this past summer. His nature somehow turned more inquisitive than before, suddenly full of questions about the world around him and how it works. So, I’m hoping the timing is just right and this year is one full of new discoveries for our very precious youngest son.

IMG_3355Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and take a nap. A very well-deserved nap.

2 thoughts on “And, They’re Off!

  1. So excited for the Serth family and especially that you will get to nap! I remember both of my kids asking when kindergarten would be over (as in when they wouldn’t have to go anymore). I always told them that mommy and daddy would be put in jail if they didn’t attend anymore or took a random week off. That seemed to work for us.

    • Imma gonna have to borrow that excuse, Janet. Except, on second thought, considering Charlie’s fascination with the criminal justice system, this approach may not necessarily be a deterrent.

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