A Wedding in Three Pictures

We traveled to New York this past weekend for the wedding of Bob’s nephew. The weather was unbelievably beautiful for late July, the setting was absolutely charming and the couple themselves are just plain delightful.

Attending with three young children, we were relieved to know that the entire affair was designed to be casual, fun and, most importantly, that the ceremony was expected to only last about ten minutes.

Millie was restless while we waited for the wedding procession to make their way down the aisle. To capture her attention and encourage her to sit still, I told Millie that Elsa, her favorite character from the film Frozen, would be walking by in mere moments. It was a plan that provided temporary relief but backfired in the long term since she then spent the bulk of the reception trying to track down “that princess.”

At one point, late in the proceedings, when her confidence had kicked in, Millie placed her hands on her hips, furrowed her brow, stomped her foot and declared, “Imma gonna go talk to dat pwincess.” We found the bride on the dance floor so Millie grabbed my hands and asked quietly to dance with me. We began to swing and twirl with Millie creeping, ever so slowly, one step at a time, towards her princess. Her efforts were rewarded when we got a photograph of the two of them together.


Charlie, who has never met a stranger, who just flat out approaches random people now to introduce himself and chat for a bit, spent the bulk of the wedding hanging out with anyone that would listen to him.


I have absolutely no idea who those people are. What I do know is that Charlie’s cousin lent him her phone, on which she had downloaded a Civil War app. Charlie looked around for a place to sit while he played the game and when he couldn’t find an open seat, he approached the first person he spotted and asked to join them. They did not mind. No one ever minds with Charlie.

At one point, he had a small army of adults recruited for his wedding site Civil War reenactment. I’m actually not exaggerating. More than one family member and stranger approached me to say they were sorry but had to abandon the cause because dinner was being served.


This is the most I saw of Henry for the bulk of the reception; a glimpse of him on the deck off of the barn before he was gone again, running around with cousins and other kids in attendance. There were a few lawn games set up so he kept busy playing Cornhole and Giant Jenga.

At one point, an elaborate game of hide and go seek meant the kids were running full-steam laps around the property so, of course, he eventually got hurt doing this (someone ALWAYS gets hurt). After a few minutes of hugs, he was off again, wrestling in the grass in an impromptu tournament.

It was such a great afternoon and everyone had a fantastic time. It was also really nice to spend time with Bob at a social event. I’ve been pulling solo duty representing the family while he recovers so to be somewhere together as a whole unit was pretty special and something we haven’t done in months. Many thanks to our hosts for making that possible.

(Also, many apologies for the gas Millie passed right when the bride and groom were saying their vows. We’re praying that, even though it was audible a couple of rows away, the microphone on the video camera didn’t pick it up.)

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