Goodbye House

We have lived in our Richmond home for just shy of two years. This morning, we signed the paperwork to sell it.

We are way too tired to be emotional or reflective or to feel anything other than brute exhaustion right now. The movers will be here tomorrow so we’ve been packing non-stop for days and eating far too much Chipotle and plopping our children in front of way too many electronic devices that are probably ruining their vision and destroying the best parts of their brains.

So, in honor of the end (the sweet, sweet end to all of this), a picture post of some of my favorite rooms of this home. Because, if you’re anything like me, you will never turn down the opportunity for a house tour.


The bright kitchen was one of the things that really sold me on this house when we purchased it. Lots of counter space. Lots of storage space. I was pumped, in theory, for the double ovens but it turns out, I have absolutely no real need for double ovens. So, they were kind of kitchen overkill.


We ate just about every one of our meals at the table in the kitchen. I could have vacuumed underneath this table three times a day and it would never have been enough. There were always crumbs. Always. (Related: we need a dog. I think this is how everyone else solves their Crumb Problems.)


One of the coziest spots in the house was right off the kitchen. We converted the dining room into my office and turned the formal living room into a formal dining room. The big yellow chair is where the kids would curl up with books they grabbed from the bookshelves close by.


I will certainly miss all of the built-in bookshelves and cabinets this home has. We tucked a lot behind these doors in our family room. Our new home has none and I am bracing for a basement filled with boxes of books until we can have some shelving built. (And, when I say, “built,” I mean, “taken out of the flat-pack box from Ikea and assembled.”)


My favorite of the bedrooms was the room that belonged to the boys. It was the only room that really felt finished while we lived here. I am quite positive the new owners will be finding tiny Legos in the corners of this space for years to come.


Since the new house won’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, all of the furniture in the current guest bedroom at this house is getting turned over to Millie for her new room. (But, don’t let that stop you from visiting! We promise you’ll have a bed! Even if that bed is a sleeping bag on a cot! I can tell you’re already planning your trip!)


We had big plans for this house – new kitchen, new baths, exterior makeover. And, as a house enthusiast, it’s hard to leave a project unfinished. However, sometimes, big plans are best abandoned in favor of something entirely different.

Our new adventure awaits…

2 thoughts on “Goodbye House

    • Thank you, Jessica. We finally found our small, cozy house. I can’t believe it. I’m hoping everything is going well with your search – excited that it is all happening so quickly for your family. That makes it both easier and much more frantic!

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