The Magic Bed

Our old house, wee in size, had some really tiny bedrooms. The only thing that made our master bedroom a master was that Bob and I slept there. It didn’t have a dedicated bathroom and I had to keep my clothes underneath our bed so Bob could have the one closet for his suits. Nothing really master-y about it.

Fitting a queen-sized mattress into that bedroom took some serious logistics but we managed to make it work AND have a nightstand on either side of the bed. Quite a feat for a Del Ray cottage. Sure, we had to plop it right in front of a window and I had to turn sideways to climb into the bed at night from my side but STILL! Success!

When we purchased our current home, I think we were so exhausted from packing a family of five into such a small house that we wholly revolted and went as far in the opposite direction as we could. Our new house came with a huge master bedroom complete with a separate sitting room, walk-in closet and multiple bathroom vanities. It was really exciting when, after all those years of just making it work, we finally had enough space to make anything work!

Then, we put our queen-sized bed in place. And, it looked… off. Had it shrunk? It looked smaller. Definitely smaller. Exactly like doll furniture, to be exact. It kind of just swam in the middle of this huge room. And, with the exception of one petite dresser, it was the only thing in the room.

So, we did what Americans do best: we went shopping for oversized furniture to fit in our oversized room to fill up our oversized house.

Thankfully, my parents stepped up before we committed to anything too ridiculous. They had downsized from a larger home and their furniture no longer easily fit. Would we want their bed and large armoire? Yes. Yes, we would.

So, that’s how we came to own a giant king-sized sleigh bed. This beast is huge. Since it’s a sleigh-style, it extends outward from the wall at the headboard and extends far into the room at the footboard, making it seem even bigger than a standard king size. It really is a massive bed. But the room can handle it and we have discovered that we absolutely LOVE the extra real estate.


A king-sized bed is something I didn’t know I had even been missing until it arrived and I realized just how awesome having all that space can be. When it comes to actual rest, for a side-sleeper like me – all limbs, legs and pillows everywhere – it has been revolutionary. I no longer roll over at night and clobber Bob in the face, which occurred with alarming frequency. (Side note: isn’t it so confusing when that happens? Like, you wake up and your significant other wakes up and you’re both not sure what just happened because you’re still kind of asleep – was it a dream? what time is it? why are you yelling? WHY IS THIS BED SO SMALL?) Anyway, sleep = good now. Especially, since I’m SO comfortable that approximately 50 percent of the time, Bob’s wall-rattling snoring doesn’t even wake me.

One of the bigger benefits to having a huge bed is that our whole family can now fit. Because there isn’t a night where Charlie doesn’t show up in the wee hours of the morning wanting to climb in. Sure the queen bed could have accommodated him but the kicker was, it couldn’t accommodate all of his gear. I will never understand how, at 2:17 a.m., that kid has the wherewithal to not only gather himself to come sleep with us but also gather up every single item he took to bed with him the previous evening.

This is only a FRACTION of what is currently in his bed.

Tonight’s haul includes a pirate hat, a construction helmet, several books, a part of one of those disposable stethoscopes from his hospital bassinet, a toy pistol, two Pillow Pets and part of a toy fire engine. Most of this will be in bed with me before 3:00 a.m.

Our new bed isn’t just solely for the invasion of personal space. It’s also used by the kids for jumping (large surface area), for pretending it’s a fire engine (about right) and for reading. And, the reading time is the best part: when each kid climbs in for stories at the end of the day. All lined up under the covers like peas in a pod. Pajama’ed and probably pretty clean and therefore smelling rather good. It’s very sweet. It’s like we’re an olden-day family; all curled up, sharing one big bed. But, with less bed bugs than they had in the olden days. So, better.

Even though the sleep is good and the family time precious, I’m still not quite accustomed to the scale of our master bedroom. While I’m extremely thankful for a comfortable spot to lay my head at night, all of that space is decidedly less cozy than our previous home. We still don’t have it completely furnished and filling it with pieces we don’t need seems silly. So, for now, the bed stands alone. And, when I’m looking to read a good book, sneak a quick nap or do some writing, I find myself drawn to the guest room. That’s the room with the queen-sized bed.

3 thoughts on “The Magic Bed

  1. Delightful! When we are so far away from you all and the children, these posts keep us close and somewhat up to date. Love that sweet little elf in your bed. So sweet and happy.

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