Bits and Pieces

I’m a little scattered today so this bit of writing is bound to be as well. I blame the very large stack of back-to-school papers I completed last night. Haven’t we found a better way to do that yet? I feel like if I can turn the air conditioning on in my house from four states away, then surely our paperwork for school can be shifted online.

Speaking of school, second grade is happening around here.


He appeared, fully dressed, at my door at 6:30 a.m. I’m pretty sure this enthusiasm will fade by Friday.

I think my biggest wish for this upcoming year is that Henry will learn to love to read. Reading really finally clicked for him in the middle of the last school year but he still doesn’t see it as an enjoyable way to pass the time. I read for FUN when I was his age so I’m hoping he will soon discover the joy that can be found in books. I could, perhaps, help influence this by curbing the television and Lego-games-on-my-phone time so perhaps that’s what we’ll do around here this year. Care to share any tips on how you control electronic time at your house?

(I’m pretty sure my dad is rolling his eyes right now and bemoaning the fact that we just don’t say, “NO!” when the TV clicks on or the laptop opens but what’s modern-day parenting without some sort of color-coded reward chart with stickers and complicated point values? Right, DAD?)

Work on the laundry room continues.


That bit of yellow next to the baseboard was our first painting attempt. It dried way too bright and then we just never did anything about it. We are horrible at home-owning.

A new washer and dryer, bright new light fixture and clearing out all of the junk that belonged elsewhere anyway has helped tremendously. We still haven’t cracked the can of paint. Painting requires a specific time commitment. It’s not something you can start, pause and come back to, which is how we have to handle any task around here because: kids. Even loading the dishwasher is never guaranteed to be completed in one go. We’ll get there. Even if we have to get up before dawn to thwart them, we’ll get there. And, we can’t just shut the laundry room door and lock them all out because we removed it. To make the room more OPEN. Of course!

In her continued effort to prove she is nothing like the ones that came before her, Millie appears to be a bit of a night owl.


Keeping things fresh by keeping us guessing.

She gets up late in the morning and stays up late at night. I… don’t know if this is okay? She’s not quite two years old (even though she tries desperately to convince us otherwise). So, I can’t imagine that’s normal. She has begun to fight her afternoon nap as well and that will not stand. WILL NOT STAND! For years, the boys have abided by my wish to cease all parenting responsibilities at 8:00 p.m. and are usually sound asleep by 8:30. I can still hear Millie “reading” in her room after 9:00. I guess it’s not a big deal as long as she can keep her act together during the day but listening to her yelling at her dolls is really distracting when mommy’s trying to watch her shows.

Just to put the exclamation point on the world’s most disjointed essay, now I will complain about the weather.

I think I have the opposite of that seasonal affective disorder that makes people all super sad in the winter time. I get super sad when summer won’t end. Specifically, the heat and humidity. The arrival of September is really no different than the arrival of August around here. Sweater weather isn’t a guarantee until November at the earliest. (Does anyone wear sweaters anymore? I feel like fleece has replaced all the sweaters.) I love a more temperate environment and think I could be happy in Vermont or Maine or any of those misty-looking places in the Pacific Northwest.

And, because I have no neat way to wrap this up, where would you live if you could live anywhere?

4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

    • There must be a place. There MUST be, Julie! I actually don’t mind the seasons, it’s just that one season lasts a really long time around here: summer.

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