Get It Done: Laundry Room Edition

We’re turning our laundry room into a mud room this weekend. Mud room is fancy-speak for, “place to dump all of the crap.”

I’ve never had a mud room before. Our last house was built in 1936 and had a laundry room but it was inconveniently located far from an entrance to the home and was definitely more of a mechanical room, housing the hot water heater and boiler. It was exposed to the crawl space in places and even after living there for eight years, I could never guarantee that I wouldn’t see a mouse scurrying towards an exit the second I walked in and flipped on the light.

I love old houses but I think I might like mud rooms more. Specifically, because Charlie starts Pre-K this fall so our backpack count just increased by one. (Although, our useless crafts and glitter-infused pictures just increased by infinity.)

Henry’s backpack and subsequent paperwork dump always seemed to land on my kitchen counter last year and my kitchen counters always seem to have pockets of ketchup or syrup or jam or peanut butter on them. Which means, I kept sending Henry back to school with little notes to his teacher on his homework that explained, no, that’s not blood or snot, just ketchup and a bit of butter! So, basically, I’ve been looking for a solution that allows further neglect of my countertops.

Our current house has a generous laundry room right off the side entrance where we park. So, turning it into a mud room makes sense.


Before. Kind of depressing in here, right?

It’s not a huge space but it has a nook across from the washer and dryer that seems perfectly sized for hooks and backpacks and coat and shoe storage.

This will look better.

This picture would give you the impression that we are potty-training, vacuuming, dusting or ironing. We are not doing any of those things.

We did manage to pick a new color for the walls as we feel the lavender might have been a slightly misguided choice by a previous owner. It’s a light blue from Sherwin Williams, found in the middle of the stack below and it will hopefully look good with the ivory trim as painting that trim (and shelving) is a beast we do not want to tackle right now.

We are neither

Of all the things Bob and I could be, “Modern,” “Elegant,” or “Timeless” are not on the list.

The main problem with any home improvement project around here is motivation. We don’t have any. Because we have kids. And, they always want food. And, they need things. All of the time. Or, they want you to read them a book. When we get done with all of the feeding and caring and reading, we can either paint or take a nap. We usually take a nap.

There’s also the problem that I’ve watched so much HGTV that when a project isn’t brought to a tidy conclusion within 30 minutes, I automatically get irritated. Bob could be renovating our entire kitchen and I would still expect him to have the tile backsplash up in under an hour. I need to stop watching HGTV is what I need to do.

So, wish us luck this Labor Day weekend. We have three days to make something happen. Your guess is as good as mine.

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