How Much is Not Enough?

Dear Arrowhead Mills,

We really enjoy your Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix. It is truly delicious and it really IS “Quick & Easy.” Whenever we decide to have breakfast for dinner it seems like only 15 minutes later, we’re eating pancakes! It has certainly made my lack of meal planning less noticeable. We even drive to the fancy Kroger to pick it up – the one with the wine bar inside. (We think that’s a little silly, too.) It’s a bit pricey though. Do you know why that is? We don’t really mind. We think delicious pancakes are worth it.

Anyway, your packaging has this interesting little green badge down in the lower right corner. See it down there?

This... doesn't look right.

Now you’re just bragging.

It states that your yummy Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix is “76% Organic.” Not 100 percent or 50 percent or any other percent. 76 percent. Hmmm. That’s rather… specific. Isn’t it?

I’d be curious to find out how a claim like that ends up on the packaging. I have my theories and I’m betting it’s probably those folks over in Marketing, am I right? They’ll pimp anything and I know that because I used to be in Marketing. They probably sat around a conference table and all agreed that the public would most definitely appreciate the fact that you’re TRYING to produce something that’s organic even if it’s not entirely organic. Like we would appreciate your effort and that’s worth touting!

Now, I’m sure you will tell me that this is all part of some sort of really detailed USDA regulation that mandates specific labeling when it comes to organic foods and that’s fair. Still, I guess it seems like you’re trying a little too hard. Or, actually, maybe you’re not trying hard enough? I mean, what’s holding you back from figuring out that other 24 percent? You should shoot for the moon here.

Seems like you have some work to do on your end, Arrowhead Mills. Just think of the celebration you could have with the folks from Marketing when you reach 100 percent! Those people LOVE to party.


Your Biggest Fans (of a product that’s just a skoch more than 3/4 organic)

P.S. – Unrelated but of a topical nature, do you know why this thing below explodes every time I open the cap? Is it a design flaw? Seeing as you are in the same industry, can you look into it for me? Because, no matter what I do or how I shake or do not shake the bottle, as soon as I flip the cap, BLAMMO! Ketchup everywhere.

I do not like how this works.

I do not like how this works.

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